15 Tips On How To Style Articles When Commencing With SEO


15 Tips On How To Style Articles When Commencing With SEO

It is important to know that ranking a website on Yahoo, Bing, or Google first page has no magic way as a newbie to SEO. Complex algorithms are the key operators of search engines. It will take a lot of effort and time to convince these complex algorithms that your web page or site deserves a position on top search engines.

Is your quest for SEO, SEO blogging, search engine optimization, or on how to style articles when commencing with SEO? Reading through this content will help you find 15 tips to make your website, articles and other content search engine optimized.

Image Optimization:

If you want to improve the user experience of your website, articles or content, then image are crucial. The truth is that when applying image optimization, you should always consider factors like slow response and load speed. Shopify has a great article on Image Optimization located here.

Also, if you are using WordPress, there is a great plugin called Imagify that makes Image optimization super simple.

Analytics And Webmaster Tools:

Webmaster tools can always be found on search engines likes Bing and Google. It’s a special sphere where people can ensure that their website is registered and submitted for indexing. Once submission is done, you will be expected to return to the webmaster center to check the performance of your site.

Page Description And Titles:

When talking about search engine optimization, it is always important to consider page titles. The title of your article, content or website will help to determine when you find yourself in search engine results.

The 404 Page:

Improving the user experience of your website remains the main focus of search engine optimization. Using a proper and perfect 404 page will help id adding to the major objective of SEO.

Monitor External Links Properly:

Monitoring your external links properly will help to prevent link unwanted web page or spam sites with inappropriate content. If you want to make your SEO top-notch, then checking external links will help to get rid of fake website redirection.

Looking for the most comprehensive SEO Website Audit on the planet? Check out our Chase Reiner SEO Audit Page.

Permanent Link Structure:

The format of URLs for individual posts or pages of a website remains another beautiful name for permanent link structure. It helps to make the arrangement of content and articles on your website well-designed.

Use H3, H2, H1 And Text Formatting:

Without performing some fundamental formatting, it is not a good idea to just publish or make posts on your site. Text formatting will boost your SEO efforts and improve user experience as well.

Fresh And Unique Content:

If you want prospective visitors to come back to your website, then having fresh content is the key. It will also make search engine boots to crawl and visit your site frequently. A good guide to use when it comes to content can be viewed here Google Loves Content


Having a breadcrumb on your internal pages is the bedrock to a prosperous search engine optimization practice. A breadcrumb remains a series of links located at the upper section of your page that facilitate navigation.

Page Speed:

The first thing that can discourage a prospective visitor from leaving your website is page speed. It is one of the poignant factors that Google consider prior to ranking your website. The object of Google and other search engines is to provide users precise and relevant results in the fast possible speed.

I recommend starting out with Google PageSpeed Insights to begin troubleshooting any page loading issues. Just enter your website’s URL and click Analyze.



Content Is King:

Without a good content on your website, it will fade away in thin air. If your website has a good content and well-optimized, it will do well with SEO. Content is always king and this should stick to your mind.

Generally speaking you should shoot for more than 500 words in your pages. Ideally you would provide over 1000 words in a page to really be considered optimal for a piece of content.

Keep in mind the amount of words you write depends if you are trying to rank for specific keywords that a competitor is already ranking for.

In this case you might want to use a tool like https://wordcounter.net/website-word-count in order to determine how much content you will need in order to outrank your competitor for a given keyword.

Not just the amount of content but the use of synonyms are really important. Using keywords that are similar to the overall point of the content will drastically improve your content overall.

I like to use https://lsigraph.com/analysis in order to improve my over content using LSI based keywords. More on LSI in another article.


Internal Links:

Internal links remain links that help to point to other pages or articles within the same site. One thing internal links will do is that it will help to boost the credibility of your website main content.

Link Building:

If you will talk about search engine optimization, it is expedient to deliberate on link building. In the Google ranking algorithm, Off-Page search engine optimization factors play a great role.

User Sitemap:

A sitemap remains the huge list of pages and posts on your site. When introducing SEO, website owners will have to add two different kinds of sitemaps. Both HTML and XML sitemaps are needed to help prospective visitors locate your content easily.

Mobile Friendly Website:

Current records have shown that the highest traffic on a daily basis come from mobile devices. By applying one the best SEO practices of mobile friendly website, you will be able to dram more leads to your website.


While there is a plethora of amazing tips to help boost your website for SEO, using the points above will help you get started. Give it a try now and see how your website to become highly upgraded, compatible and SEO-oriented.

Some additional resources to help you with your SEO or Search Engine Optimization skills would be to look at Neil Patel’s website or his youtube videos like the one below.


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